During the early days of the Industrial age, all ideas and actions of the people at the helm of businesses were aimed towards one thing and one thing only: Profit. But today the scene is changing. Modern businesses are evolving. A new breed of businessmen and businesswomen are emerging. These are the people who have broken the traditional way of doing business which was Earn, Invest, Earn again. And Marcus and Nancy Hiles belong to this new breed.

Early days

Both Marcus and Nancy Hiles were philanthropists before they became the cream of the Real-Estate business in and around Texas. Marcus and Nancy Hiles, both of whom come from humble backgrounds would donate unused furniture, clothes and other day-to-day artifacts even when they were in college and were unable to get by properly by themselves. They were aware of the importance of giving back to the community from a very young age. They were philanthropists at their very core. And having this mentality of giving back has helped them stand in good stead.

Doing business with Philanthropy as the Base

In 2004, Marcus and Nancy Hiles decided to start their own business. And as soon as they were flourishing, they started charitable donations. Their business was and is run on the backbone of giving back to the community. Each year they give millions of dollars to charities from varied backgrounds. Backed by extensive research, the couple chooses the charities to which they should donate very carefully. Various institutions ranging from those which deal with environmental issues to those concerning women’s rights have benefitted from the couple’s donation gene. Their company, Western Rim Properties, follows the path set by the couple, who believe that giving is a huge part of receiving. And while the organizations in and around the couples’ community have benefitted the most from their charitable habits, others from places like Austin and Dallas have also received huge chunks of their wealth.

Setting an example

Irrespective of the huge amounts donated by Marcus and Nancy Hiles, and their company, it is the idea and the thought behind their donations which are most impressive. They are leading examples of the changing scene of the modern business world. And more importantly, they continue to set brilliant examples as role models for coming generations. Indeed, Marcus and Nancy Hiles are prime forbearers of what modern successful business-people should look like.